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Vrisayda P. Boggess Ph.D.c, Orange County Hypnotherapy

Certified Clinical and Medical Master Hypnotherapist for Hypnosis in Orange County, California

Weight Loss in Orange County, CA – Hypnosis is the Answer!

YES, You Can Lose Weight With Hypnosis!

One-on-one treatment sessions ...

... are available to help you achieve weight loss and the positive changes you want for your body

Did you know that hypnotherapy can help you lose weight?

How is this possible? Because through hypnosis you can affect behavioral changes. Imagine decreasing your appetite and desire for fattening foods, so that you never feel hungry or those insatiable cravings for sweets. Wouldn’t it be so simple to lose weight if instead of craving that chocolate chip cookie you longed for healthier choices? Hypnosis can help you change your eating habits, and give you the motivation, discipline, and mental energy to stick to that exercise program you have been struggling with.

Don’t wait another minute, or suffer through another fad diet.  Weight loss with hypnosis can be your solution!

Call today to book your one-on-one session with Vrisayda, Orange County hypnotherapist, and start making the changes that will get you thin and healthy for good!