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Vrisayda P. Boggess Ph.D.c, Orange County Hypnotherapy

Certified Clinical and Medical Master Hypnotherapist for Hypnosis in Orange County, California

Hypnosis Research

Abstracts & Clinical Studies for Hypnosis

Clinical Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation

Hypnosis For Rehabilitation After Stroke: Six Case Studies

Pain Management: Beyond Pharmacology to Acupuncture and Hypnosis

Cancer and the Possibility to Turn It – Part 1
Cancer and the Possibility to Turn It – Part 2

The Ontology of Malignancy and the Possibility to Turn It

Novel Directions in Wound Care: Hypnosis and Beyond

The Mind Prepared: Hypnosis in Surgery – David Spiegel, M.D.

A Randomized Clinical Trial of a Brief Hypnosis Intervention to Control Side Effects in Breast Surgery Patients

Hypnosis in Contemporary Medicine – Mayo Clinic Proceedings

A Systematic Meta-review of Hypnosis as an Empirically Supported Treatment for Pain – Russell MF Hawkins, Pain Reviews 2001; 8: 47–73

Hypnotherapeutic Management of Alopecia Areata – Journal of American Academy of Dermatology

Using Hypnosis to Accelerate the Healing of Bone Fractures: A randomized controlled pilot study – Ginandes CS, Rosenthal Dl.

Using hypnosis to accelerate the healing of bone fractures: a randomized controlled pilot study. Alter Ther Health Med. 1999 Mar; 5(2):67-75

Analgesic Effects of Posthypnotic Suggestions and Virtual Reality: Distraction on Thermal Pain – Journal of Abnormal Psychology 2006, Vol. 115, No. 4, 834–841

Brain Imaging Studies Investigate Pain Reduction by Hypnosis – STORY SOURCE: University of Iowa Health Science Relations, 5135 Westlawn, Iowa City, Iowa 52242-1178

EEG Concomitants of Hypnosis and Hypnotic Susceptibility – Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 1995, Vol. 104, No. 1, 123-131

Hypnosis and Clinical Pain – Psychological Bulletin 2003, Vol. 129, No. 4, 495–521

Hypnosis for Rehabilitation from a Stroke – Solomon Gilbert Diamond, Contemporary Hypnosis, Contemp. Hypnosis 23 (4): 173-180 (2006), Published online in Wiley InterScience, (, DOI:10.1002/ch319

Hypnosis Reduces Distress and Duration of an Invasive Medical Procedure for Children – David Spiegel M.D, Hypnotic Interventions for Pediatric Voiding Cystourethrogram

Hypnosis for the Treatment of Functional Abdominal Pain in Childhood

Hypnotic Visual Illusion Alters Color Processing in the Brain – David Spiegel M.D, Am J Psychiatry 2000; 157:1279–1284

Where Does Hypnotherapy Stand in the Management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome? A Systematic Review – THE JOURNAL OF ALTERNATIVE AND COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE, Volume 12, Number 6, 2006, pp. 517–527

A Method for Using Hypnotism with Persons Living with Cancer

Overview of Published Research on Hypnosis for IBS

Healing Cancer

Hypnosis Helps Healing – Harvard University Gazette