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Vrisayda P. Boggess Ph.D.c, Orange County Hypnotherapy

Certified Clinical and Medical Master Hypnotherapist for Hypnosis in Orange County, California

Time-Line Therapy™

Why Might I Need Time-Line Therapy™?

Memories, decisions and experiences are collected over time, ultimately determining how we relate to the world. In fact, all of our past, present and future memories are stored in the unconscious mind in what we refer to as a time-line. Not surprisingly, our stored memories affect how we experience the life that is ahead of us.

Unfortunately, throughout life we all experience hurt at one time or another. Rather than confront these hurts, we often times repress emotions. The problem is, repressed negative emotions can affect you on all levels; mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Repressed negative emotions, as well as limiting decisions, create blocks in your life. In Time-Line Therapy™, you will process the five prime negative emotions: anger, fear, sadness, hurt, and guilt. Everyone has experienced these emotions in the past — why not let go of these negative emotions, and open yourself to a healthy and more productive future?

How Does Time-Line Therapy™ Work?

Time-Line Therapy™ is a process used to deal with repressed negative emotions, change limiting decisions, phobias, and develop a more solid foundation for your future. These crucial steps are accomplished by working with the unconscious mind and your time-line. Our memories are stored and connected like a string of pearls around a certain subject or emotion. With Time-Line Therapy™ the unconscious mind can preserve the learning associated with the event, and change the negative emotions.

When is Time-Line Therapy™ Most Effective?

I recommend that my clients come in for Time-Line Therapy™ before starting most of their hypnotherapy processes. It allows the process of hypnosis to take effect more easily in certain situations. I believe EVERYONE can benefit from this form of therapy, even when there is no apparent problem or illness. It’s like creating a clean slate.

Create a Positive Future and Achieve Your Goals With Time-Line Therapy™

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